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Emotional Machines: Binary Tears and Digital Sarcasm

At first I started to write this article as a bit of trivia about "The Terminator" series of movies. Then came "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" with a new and improved chick Terminator. After contemplating the weight of the subject for a while, I decided to provide a little technical background information with some social commentary for good measure about the older Arnold Schwarzenegger version. Whether people want to admit it or not, the age of “Emotional Machines” is approaching. It’s just a…


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The Shakespearean Version of Deliverance?

How many of you come from the Appalachia? I really don’t know if my readership or demographic captures a lot of Appalachian folk, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Really, if any of you do hail from Appalachia feel free to chime in….<sound of crickets chirping>….OK on with the meat of this post. This bit of information came as a bit of a shocker to me when I happened upon it a short while ago. There are very credible, scholarly linguists, who believe that the Appalachian dialect is a result… Continue

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Unicorns Love White Chocolate...

The questions of the day are:

1. What is this stuff (< ---I almost used an expletive here) called white chocolate? 2. Is it really chocolate in the true sense of the definition of chocolate? Let’s go back way back to the birth of chocolate…Central Mexico sometime during the 15th Century.

An Aztec Ritual (not chocolate-related. It…


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